Women's Issues In Guyana

This must not happen

Posted in Crimes against Women,Gender Equality,Religion by wiig on April 7, 2008
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Guyana Chronicle – April 7, 2008

Dear Editor,

Am I the only one that read this article? Members of a Muslim organization met with ERC commissioner Bishop Juan Edghill and they are proposing polygamy be introduced in the Muslim community in Guyana? Where do these people think they live? In Saudi Arabia or the Middle East, where this practise is quite common?

I have a question. If polygamy is indeed approved as they wish, are Muslim women free to take as many husbands as they want? Where are the women’s organizations? Why aren’t they outraged about this?

I also read they want to sanction marriages of girls who are under the age of consent. Isn’t this pedophilia? What are the GHRA and the children’s welfare protection agency stand on this issue?

It is like the caste system and bride burnings in India or the sexual abuse of young boys in the Catholic Church. These things are morally and ethically wrong and must be condemned most vigorously.



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