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GUYWID congratulates Ministers Rodrigues-Birkett, Sukhai

Posted in Politics by wiig on April 14, 2008
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Guyana Chronicle – April 14, 2008

GUYANESE Women in Development (GUYWID), a non-governmental organisation working in the interest of the development of women in Guyana, has joined in congratulating Ministers Carolyn Rodrigues-Birkett and Pauline Campbell Sukhai, on the occasion of their appointments to head the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Amerindian Affairs respectively.

A press release issued by the organisation last Thursday said:

The appointment of Ms. Carolyn Rodrigues as Minister of Foreign Affairs and Ms. Pauline Sukhai as Minister of Amerindian Affairs is indeed heartening and inspiring to all Guyanese. Both women of humble backgrounds add to the many other examples of how far Guyanese women have come, and the recognition they have gained as equal partners in the development process.”

“Just a few decades ago, Guyanese women, led by the indomitable Mrs. Janet Jagan, fought for and won the right to vote, and to be elected. As the first woman to be elected to the Legislature in the 1950s, and to become the first female minister of government, Ms. Jagan paved the way for many others to follow.”  

“Today, we are proud to see the number of women ministers of government as well as Members of Parliament. Whether as Chief Whip or Deputy Speaker, whether from the benches on one side or the other, our women articulate their views and opinions with conviction and purpose, determined to make Guyana a better place for its people, and particularly for its children.”

“We, the members of the Guyanese Women in Development (GUYWID), are indeed proud to see another two of our women moving up the ladder, not only in terms of prestige and recognition, but moreso, in terms of their willingness and competence to lead, take actions, and be part of a team that has boldly taken on the task of moving our country forward.”

“Congratulations to Carolyn and Pauline!”

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  1. narendra said,

    what are sum other organisations in guyana that helps women against violence????

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