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GBTI awards three early savers

Posted in Business,Education by wiig on April 18, 2008
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Kaieteur News – April 18, 2008

Three teenaged girls were yesterday selected as the winners of the Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry (GBTI) early savers competition.

Zoya Peters, 13; Allesha Ally, 14; and Mandy Jaggernauth, 12; were rewarded at a simple presentation ceremony held at the bank’s Water Street office.

In his opening remarks, Head of Research and Planning, Sean Noel, said Guyanese must avoid the inculcation of a living-for-now syndrome in young people.

Noel said that parents must take saving more seriously and impart the value of financial responsibility.  

He indicated that part of the bank’s functions is to personally motivate young people to think ahead and make their future plans more accessible.

“They must not be made to think that social security is the sole income of old age,” Noel remarked.
Head of the Deposit Accounts, Raymond Forde, noted that GBTI was delighted to continue the unique, traditional activity.

Forde said that apart from recognising educational success, the early savers club highlights the importance of financially independent youths.

“It is a considered view that financial independence can guarantee success in many aspects of life. We are especially happy that our young people in general, with the active support of their parents, have seen the necessity at this early age to have a savings account at GBTI to serve as the foundation for success in their future endeavours,” Forde added.

He said that the early savers club was established in July 1995 with the expressed aim of developing good saving and money management habits in young people.

According to Forde, the 10,700-plus members of the club qualify for a wide range of benefits, including birthday cards, premium interest rates, discounts at selected stores and participation in the annual calendar competition.

“Our early savers members also benefit from the GBTI one-time bursary awards. We appreciate the keen interest shown in this competition by our young customers, judging from the large number of entries, and we invite more of our young people to be a part of the GBTI early savers family,” the Deposit Accounts Head stated.

Forde stressed that the bank is aware of the many economic and other difficulties that families face in today’s society.

However, he emphasised that if provided with the relevant opportunities, young people can be a force for growth. “We believe that the same discipline exhibited in managing your finances will be transferred to your studies and career development.”

Forde said the early savers club is a demonstration of how seriously the institution takes its responsibilities for harnessing and channeling the energies of youths towards a viable financial future.

“We therefore extend our best wishes to the prize winners and urge you towards continuous excellence in all areas of your lives while assuring you of GBTI’s continued commitment to assist the development of our young people,” Forde stated.


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