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Health sector requires partnerships to realise MDGs

Posted in Gender Equality,Health Issues by wiig on April 22, 2008
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Kaieteur News – April 22, 2008

The media, as a partner with the health sector, has a critical role to play in understanding health issues before disseminating these to the public.

This is the view of local Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO) Representative Dr Kathleen Israel.
Dr Israel was at the time commenting on the efforts that are being made to ensure that countries of the Americas are able to reach the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), which are aimed at reducing maternal and child health deaths by 2015.

According to the PAHO Representative, the Government by itself can in no way introduce and implement effectively all of the measures that are needed to be taken in order to realise the MDGs or any other public health goals.

She pointed out that there is always need for partnership, and added that it was for this reason that PAHO’s temporary Consultant, Dr Patricio Jamriska, had travelled to Guyana last week.  

Dr Israel said that the consultant’s task was to review first hand some of the programmes that are in place in Guyana, which were implemented through the Ministry’s Maternal and Child Health (MCH) department, as well as to ensure that things are in place in such a manner that the MDGs regarding maternal and child health are realised.

And in order to aid this effort, Dr Israel asserted, there is need for partnership. She said that Dr Jamriska’s intent was to meet with key partners to bring to their attention some issues which could better position them to deal with the various issues of concern in their own areas of operation.

She noted that the critical role of the media is essential to help women, and even families as a whole, to take responsible actions for their health in order to minimize the possibility of deaths among pregnant women and deaths associated with childbirth, as well as deaths among young children.

Additionally, Dr Israel said, other sectors, such as that of education, also have an important role to play, as well as members of the private sector and certain non-governmental organisations, which must give their support to the health sector.

Dr Israel said that many measures were engaged to assist countries, since it was observed that many countries are at the risk of not achieving the MDGs with respect to MCH.

PAHO will continue to work as assiduously as possible with the local Ministry of Health and other partners to make sure that the outlined targets are achieved, she added.


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