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Domestic violence high on Police priorities – Asst. Comm. Brummell

Posted in Crimes against Women,Law Enforcement by wiig on April 28, 2008
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Kaieteur News – April 28, 2008

Commander of the Police East Coast Demerara Division, Assistant Commissioner Leroy Brummell, says that domestic violence is very high on the list of priorities for the Police under his command. The senior Police officer was responding to queries from this newspaper about the failure to apprehend an Enmore man who eventually slit his reputed wife’s throat after years of abusing her.

According to Assistant Commissioner Brummell, a number of ranks underwent training to deal professionally with the subject, and refresher courses are constantly being undertaken.

Since killing Shaneeza Khan, last Sunday at their Grass Field, Enmore home, the suspect remains on the run despite several attempts by the Police to arrest him.

In an invited comment, Brummell told Kaieteur News that the Police did receive several reports of abuse from Khan and her mother, and action was taken on each occasion.  

“This man’s case is that he’s always running. The man is always on the lookout for the Police. At one time the lady came to Cove and John (Police station); she said where he was, we sent a patrol with her. When they got there, the man was gone,” Brummel said.

He explained that the Police in his division take domestic violence seriously, having placed a number of offenders before the courts.

The dead woman’s family have lamented the lack of response they received from the Police, to whom they had made several complaints.

“You call Police several times and nobody nah come. Meself mek report; she, too, mek report,” Hamid said.

She added that, a few days ago, she called the Police at Cove and John and they reported that, when they went for the suspect, he jumped a fence and escaped.

The woman told this newspaper that she went to the suspect’s parents for some redress, but got none.
“When she dead, de whole Force come; and when we really needed the Police they never came,” the dead woman’s sister told Kaieteur News.

“Me tell de Police (it is always) dis boy ah do this thing, and until dis boy kill dis girl y’all nah go pick up dis matter. Me say so, and it happen. If she daughter been deh he would’a kill she, too,” the dead woman’s mother said.

Since the killing of Khan the suspect has disappeared, and it is believed that he is hiding out at Mahaica, East Coast Demerara.

Police said they are making every effort to apprehend him, since there were indications that he might take his own life.

Two lengths of rope were found tied to the rafter of the house in which the suspect killed his reputed wife, and there are reports that he had indicated that he would kill the woman and her five-year-old child and then commit suicide.

Although relatives of the dead woman are in a state of shock, the woman’s death was no big surprise, since there were indications that Khan’s reputed husband had planned to kill her; and despite repeated reports to the Police, nothing was done.

Kaieteur News understands that, on several occasions, Khan was forced to flee the Grass Field, Enmore home to seek refuge at her mother’s house in the nearby Foulis Village to escape constant domestic abuse, throughout her four-year relationship with the suspect.

The dead woman’s mother, Nazmoon Hamid, told this newspaper that, four weeks before she was killed, her daughter had been staying at her house since her reputed husband had threatened to kill her.

She said that, a few weeks ago, the man had stuck knives into two photographs of Khan and had told her that that was what he was going to do to her.

“Fuh the past four weeks now, dis pickney deh over at me. Dis boy threaten fuh kill she and me tell she don’t go back,” Nazmoon Hamid told this newspaper.

She said that, even when her daughter ventured out unto the road, her reputed husband would lie in wait for her and threaten her.

The abuse even extended to Darrandai Roopchand, Khan’s five-year-old daughter from a previous relationship, who revealed that her stepfather would feed her hot pepper sauce.

Neighbours confirmed that the couple was always fighting, especially whenever the suspect imbibed alcohol.

Khan was described by neighbours as an easy-going person who found herself involved with an abusive spouse.


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