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Minister Manickchand urges single parents to get registered

Posted in Culture & Society by wiig on April 29, 2008
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Guyana Chronicle – April 29, 2008

MINISTER of Human Services and Social Security, Ms. Priya Manickchand yesterday urged all single parents to get registered for the Single Parent Fund over a three-week period.

“The registration process to register all single parents was launched and we are going to attempt to get all single parents registered on a national single parent register,” she explained at a press conference.

Information collected from the registration process will help to plan effectively what interventions would be taken to assist single parent families.

She said this is going to be an ongoing programme since government realises the hardships single parents face.  

Also, she noted the Ministry will meet with single parents to find out what are some of their needs since needs vary in different communities and groups.

Minister Manickchand said even before the increase in food prices, the government recognised the constraints faced by vulnerable groups, such as single parent families.

It is the Ministry’s intention to register all persons who are primarily responsible for the financial maintenance of child/children.

A person would not have to necessarily be the biological parent of a child to access help, the Minister said.

Ms. Manickchand pointed out that an older sibling/guardian or a grandparent who is solely responsible for a child or children will be entitled to access assistance.

The sum of $100M was allocated in this year’s budget for the setting up of a fund to provide support to vulnerable single parents.

The Ministry also assists children with school uniform vouchers that cost the government millions of dollars annually.

From the registration forms distributed, the Ministry will be able to determine what interventions are required.

All single parents are urged to complete the registration form as soon as possible and return it to the location from where it was uplifted.

The closing date for the registration period is May 15.

The form can be uplifted from any Regional Democratic Council (RDC) offices, Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC) office and respective schools in the area and social workers. The form is free of cost.

Also present at yesterday’s press conference were Minister in the Ministry of Finance, Jennifer Webster; Minister of Public Service, Jennifer Westford; Minister in the Ministry of Education, Desrey Fox; Minister of Amerindian Affairs, Pauline Sukhai and Members of Parliament Indra Chanderpal, and Presidential Adviser Gail Teixeira.

They all endorsed Minister Manickchand’s call for single parents to get registered for the Single Parent Fund.


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