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MPs urge single parents to grow food

Posted in Culture & Society by wiig on April 30, 2008
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-absentee fathers an age-old phenomenon
Kaieteur News – April 30, 2008

Member of Parliament (MP) Indra Chandarpal has said that Guyanese must examine their attitude to the land as the alarming rise in food cost continues to pose a global threat.

Ms Chandarpal was speaking at the launch of the National Single Parent Register at the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security on Monday.

She pointed out that single parenting is an age-old phenomenon, but years ago mothers used the land to ensure the survival of their children.

“If we carefully examine it, single parenting goes back to years, but those mothers used to plant to ensure their family’s survival,” she said.

She added that single mothers must return to the land and support the “Grow-More” initiative of the Ministry of Agriculture. “It is in their best interest to do something to help themselves,” the MP said.  

Ms Chandarpal noted that, while single mothers are assured of Government’s support, fathers must take cognizance of their obligations. She challenged the media to play a more active role in promoting the participation of fathers in domestic financial affairs.

Presidential Advisor on Governance, Gail Teixeira, said that the phenomenon of male absenteeism is becoming an increasingly disturbing trend in light of rising food costs and its effect on single mothers.

She stated that the absence of father figures is forcing women to carry the main financial burden. Teixeira noted that rapidly escalating food costs have taken Guyana by surprise, and she prompted the need for a multiple response.

According to Teixeira, the skyrocketing food crisis is now been treated as a global security issue. However, she urged all single parents to register with the Ministry, despite their financial standing.
“Even if you don’t need financial support it’s important that you register, regardless of whether you’re in the low, middle or high income bracket,” Ms Teixeira said.

She stressed that the database would influence a variety of other interventions over a period of time.
“It will help us to assess if they have special skills and whether they need training.”

According to Ms Teixeira, the Ministry may develop vocational skills training for the older population who are semi-literate.


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