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How much will we allow?

Posted in Culture & Society by wiig on May 4, 2008
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Guyana Chronicle – May 4, 2008
by Rev. Kwame Gilbert

I MUST applaud the very bold and decisive step taken by the Minister of Home Affairs in blacklisting two entertainers, whose performance/ lyrics are considered not to be in keeping with the moral ethos of our country.

I had begun to question, in recent times, the very sanity of some of these so called entertainers. The filth that is spewed out, into the airwaves, in the name of music and entertainment is simply unbelievable. What is worse is that there seems to be an insatiable appetite for this tripe in our society. Our people are so caught up in this sexually perverting, lewd genre of “music” that it has spawned a generation of lawless, reckless, shameless people. Not only are the lyrics repulsive, but the music videos are absolutely appalling. We see young women gyrating, exposing their private parts to the camera, in a shameless, despicable manner.

Regrettably, in this process of social evolution, this planet has over time metamorphosed into an almost unrecognizable state, morally and spiritually speaking. With these various forms of transmutation, we have seen the emergence of a culture of sexual liberation.

I take no issue with people’s desire to explore and give expression to their sexual passions, but there is a limit to which those liberties and expressions should be imposed upon a society. The innocence of our children must at all cost be protected from any and every form of sexual exposure, and this includes the shameful and vulgar music videos now taking over our television screens.

To add insult to injury, Channel 72, which was previously a gospel channel, is now the channel that provides a daily diet of some of the most vulgar and obscene videos I have ever seen. This kind of intrusion into our culture, even into our homes, should be repudiated, and voices raised in condemnation.

Where are the parents? Where are the decent, God fearing people in this nation? Why are we permitting our culture to be overrun and hijacked by an obviously sick and perverted conglomerate of so called entertainers?

Sex , I believe is a personal and intimate experience , hence it must be contained within the confines of people’s individual spaces, and not splashed across television screens, in what from my viewpoint appears to be a defiant, provocative display.

Our planet, we are all aware, is besieged by the AIDS epidemic. How well are we assisting in the fight, to bring about behavioral change, when we permit such liberal expressions of sexual freedom on our television programs?

Am I calling for censorship? You bet I am.

Much has been said in recent times about freedom of the press and freedom of expression. Somehow no one seems to be interested in talking about responsibility.

Freedom is not the right to do as one pleases. Freedom is taking the responsibility to act with restraint even when restraint is not imposed. People who are the defenders of Press freedom and opposed to censorship should also remember that families also have the right to sit with their children and watch a good television program without having to scramble for the remote every few minutes. Now even the weekend shows being advertised on television is sickening; boobs, buttocks, and crotches, plastered on the screen.

Where is the dignity of our young women? Where is their sense of pride and self respect?

Why are our women allowing themselves to be sold so cheaply as advertising props?

Come on sisters, you have greater value than that. Stop the abuse, for that is exactly what it is. Stop the abuse of yourselves and cover up. Put on your clothes. Don’t let yourselves be called sluts and bitches and whores. You are Queens. You are Royal.

Stop the abuse.

It is absolutely necessary at this time to send a message to our entertainers and promoters, that vulgarity and lawlessness are not consistent with the values of this Guyanese society, and we will not allow it. We therefore will expect that the legitimate custodians of law and order in our nation will do what must be done to stem this tide of lawlessness so pervasive in our country.

Martin Luther King Jnr. said: “Behaviour cannot be legislated but it can be regulated”

I thrust that the relevant regulatory functionaries will begin to do what must be done.

How much more of this lawlessness will we allow?


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