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Relatives differ on reason for murder/suicide

Posted in Domestic Violence by wiig on January 5, 2011

(Originally published in Guyana’s Kaieteur News on 05 January 2011)

Man kills wife, hangs self…

By Jenelle Carter

The neighbouring East Bank Essequibo communities of Zeelugt and Tuschen were in a state of shock, as were the grieving relatives of 21-year-old Salima ‘Sally’ Mohamed who was killed by her husband who then took his own life. The Zeelugt resident was found dead in her bed with a wound to the neck, while her husband Hemchand Mohanram called Amrit, was later discovered hanging from a tree aback of his home at Tuschen.

The dead woman’s mother, Parbattie Ramdat, told this newspaper that three months ago her daughter had moved out of her matrimonial home. Mrs. Ramdat said that her relatives got her son-in-law over to Trinidad to seek employment. “Me sister dem carry Amrit ova deh (Trinidad) fuh work, but since he gone every time he call is some problem with he and he wife, till one day while dem de talking she pelt down de phone and break it up.”

The woman recalled that her son-in-law then started calling their landline phone to talk to his wife but they refused to let him talk to her. “After we see dem always arguing every time he call and ask fuh she, we never use to give she de phone, because he always tell she how she got man wid he.”

When asked about domestic abuse, the dead woman’s mother said the couple, during their two years of marriage, had issues like all couples do. “Dem use to got hard talking, and so one but he can’t seh wha dem use to quarrel about.”

However, another relative of the dead woman said that the young teacher was often beaten by her husband. The relative recalled that one night ‘Sally’ visited her parents’ home saying that she was beaten by her husband. “Da gyal walk from Tuschen and come till hay crying, he use to beat she bad man.”

According to the relative, the last beating the woman sustained at the hands of her spouse was on Thursday, last, when he returned from Trinidad. “De same day he come back in de country he come home by we and beat she and same time two police de passing and we call dem in.” Prior to that, relatives said no report was made to the police about the beating.

However, over at the man’s home, relatives and neighbours had a different story to tell. According to the dead man’s aunt, Deomattie Singh, for the past two years the couple had been living with her and her mother. She too said that like every other couple the two argued, but she never saw the man beating his wife. “Dem use to got problem like when he tell she don’t go someway and she still want go, and by she gat education and he nah gat, dem always got problem,”.

The woman said it was the girl’s family who insisted that he go to Trinidad to seek employment. “He use to wuk at a store hey, but he nevah use to mek nuff money, so dem tell he go and then she gon come up after…but every time he call fuh mek arrangement fuh he wife go up she does tell he she nah wan go.”

Singh said shortly after her nephew left for Trinidad he told his wife to go back to her mother’s home as the arguments were getting worse and since she was hardly ever at home. However, recently he began pleading with her to go to Trinidad or go back to their matrimonial home, but she refused.

The woman recalled that when her nephew came home on Thursday, from Trinidad, he vowed that he would do whatever it took to get his wife back home. “Dem marry according to Muslim rites and every day since he come back home he going Masjid, he de even plan that Thursday he would show up at she house with some church people and beg she fuh come back home.”

The woman said that ‘Sally’ kept telling her husband that she would have returned home if he had “changed his ways”. The aunt opined that the entire incident was fuelled by the woman’s relatives. “De other day she family call he and telling he pon de phone dat he wife deh sexing in de bathroom and he telling dem how he wife won’t do dah.” The woman claimed that her nephew received several similar calls from the woman’s relatives, all of which he reported to his mother-in-law.

Meanwhile, police are awaiting the post mortem results of both the man and his wife following which their remains will be handed over to the relatives for burial.


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