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Suspect surrenders, to face attempted murder charge today

Posted in Domestic Violence by wiig on January 6, 2011

(Originally published in Guyana’s Kaeiteur News on 06 January 2011)

… Cutlass beating of teacher

Rudolph London, the man who allegedly beat his reputed wife, Shaunell Warwick into a state of unconsciousness on New Year’s Day, is to be charged with attempted murder. He surrendered to police yesterday. A senior police official said that London is being detained at the Vreed-en-Hoop Police Station and is to appear in court today.

A female cousin of London’s told Kaieteur News that she persuaded the man to surrender after she saw him on the West Ruimveldt front road around 13:00 hrs yesterday. “Me and he had an exchange of words and I tell him that his picture in the papers and he don’t have nowhere to hide and that is best that he turn himself in.”

The cousin said that she accompanied London to the Ruimveldt Police Station where he surrendered. According to the cousin, the 39-year-old London expressed remorse for injuring Warwick. He reportedly also admitted to selling her mobile phone. When Kaieteur News dialed Warwick’s phone number on Tuesday, someone cut the call off and subsequently turned the phone off. Warwick’s relatives allege that a camera and some $60,000 she had are now missing.

Shaunell Warwick, a nursery school teacher and resident of Stevedore Housing Scheme, was reportedly struck repeatedly on the head with a cutlass by London during an altercation at his mother’s Crane, West Coast Demerara home.

The suspect reportedly went berserk after an unidentified man contacted Warrick on her cell phone at around 03:00 hrs on New Year’s Day. Warwick has not regained consciousness and relatives said that they have been told that she has suffered some brain damage.

Warwick and London have an 11-year-old son. They have been living separately for some time but Warwick’s relatives and close friends say that she refused to end the relationship, despite suffering years of physical abuse. London is said to be a former City Council employee. His mother, Joycelyn London, told Kaieteur News that her son has been suffering from mental illness for years and is also a drug abuser.

The suspect attacked Warwick while the two were in the bottom flat of his mother’s home. His sister, Rhonda London, who occupies the top flat with her mother, said that Warwick’s screams caused her to awaken around 03:00 hrs on New Year’s Day. Warwick then ran to the top flat and the woman said that she opened her bedroom door to let her in. But she said that her brother kicked open the door.

He then punched her in the face and began to strike Warwick repeatedly in the head with the cutlass, while demanding that she identify the caller. The sister said that Warwick began to bleed through the nostrils and to gasp for breath, and it was only then that the brutal assault cease and her brother retreat from the bedroom. The unconscious Warwick was first taken to the West Demerara Regional Hospital before being transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation.

The victim’s mother, Mrs. Angela Warwick, told Kaieteur News that she and Shaunell were to have attended church on Old Year’s Night. But Shaunell changed her mind after the taxi they had summoned took some time to arrive. While the mother headed to church, the nursery school teacher headed to Crane, where her reputed husband lived. Close friends of the victim said that London had attacked Shaunell at least twice while she was at school.

On one occasion, he arrived at another nursery school with a knife with the intention of stabbing his reputed wife. The friends said that the victim reported the matter at the East La Penitence Police Station but then “dropped the matter.” On the other occasion, she suffered a cut to the head after London allegedly struck her with a broken bottle. That matter was not reported to the police.


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