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Battered woman blames government official’s relative for attack

Posted in Crimes against Women,Domestic Violence,Politics by wiig on January 10, 2011

(Originally published in Guyana’s Kaieteur News on 10 January 2011)

Twenty year old Stephanie Broomes is fearful for her life since she believes that the beating she received last Friday evening was prompted by her ex lover, who is a close relative of a Senior Government official.

On Friday last, at around 8:00 pm, Broomes was allegedly attacked in Dove Square, South Ruimveldt by a total stranger, who mercilessly banged upon her with what appeared to her to be a crowbar. The woman sustained severe injuries to her face and head. According to the mother of one, she was on her way home from work when she noticed a yellow Toyota 212 car driving slowly close to her.

She said that she was suspicious of the car driving so slowly, so she began walking faster. According to Broomes, a man then emerged from the car with a “long metal object”, after which she began to run.

Broomes recalled that she fell and the man came over her and began “beating away on me.” According to the victim, the man mercilessly beat her for approximately seven minutes before residents came to her rescue.

Broomes said that residents were under the impression that she was being robbed until they noticed her bag on the road was untouched. The woman described her abuser to be a tall brown skinned man of African descent with “big eyes”. She recalled that, earlier in the day, the man had gone to her place of work and bought a box of food.

Broomes said that he looked at her and asked, “You is de Stephanie?” and left the restaurant. According to the victim, it is a series of events that has led to her present state but the attack seems to be the worst of them all.

The woman said that she and her ex lover separated because she found out about another relationship he was having. She said that during their four year relationship, he treated her well and related fine with her three year old daughter. However, from the time they separated he began making her life miserable. According to the victim, she believes that her ex lover is using his relative’s position to have harm come to her.

She told this newspaper that she was arrested twice and in both cases, no evidence was brought forward against her. Broomes lamented that the second time she was arrested, a van load of armed policemen appeared at her home for “me alone”. She said that she refused to go under the grounds that no female was present.

The ranks left and returned soon after with a female officer. According to the woman, she was first arrested for stabbing her ex lover’s girlfriend, although the woman showed no stab wounds.

The second time, she was arrested for robbing the same individual and spent one night in the Ruimveldt Police Station. However, she was subsequently released on bail without being charged.

She said that even a close friend of hers was doused with feces apparently since she was mistaken for Broomes. According to Broomes, she would constantly receive numerous mystery calls from both strange and familiar voices who would abuse her with indecent language.

Recently, the victim recalled that, two of her ex-lover’s cousins came to her home at around 11:00PM asking if she knew of anywhere that was up for rent. The woman said that she stayed in her house and replied to them in the negative and when her father came outside to see what was going on, they hurriedly left.

The woman said that for a period of time, shortly after her friend was attacked, she was isolated from the world in fear. She said that during that period, her daughter did not attend school since she was also fearful of her being hurt.

With tears in her eyes as she lay helplessly on her bed, the young woman said that all she wants is a “normal” life for her and her daughter without having to worry about what next will be done to her. She has reported the recent beating to the police at the East La Penitence Police Station but is not too optimistic that anything will be done.


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