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Alberttown businessman on rape charge

Posted in Crimes against Women,Judicial by wiig on January 21, 2011

(Originally published in Guyana’s Stabroek News on 21 January 2011)

Alberttown businessman John Singh yesterday appeared before acting Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry charged with rape.

The allegation is that between August 1 and August 31, 2010, Singh raped a female.

Singh was not required to plead to the indictable charge when it was read to him. He was admitted to bail in the sum of $150,000. The matter was transferred to Court Six for January 24.

Singh was in the news last year after he and his wife were accused of making offensive remarks to a former maid. After a stand-off, Singh eventually apologized for the remarks saying that they were not intended.

“We apologise for the racial remarks generally said towards the Amerindian people; we want to apologise. It is a fact that within the last 40 years of business we have been hiring people across the board… despite of what race, colour, religion or beliefs they may have and we are not here to change those trends. When we opened our doors 40 years ago we have been serving everyone equally across the board and we just want to say that in the height of frustration things were said. …My wife and I are officially apologizing for that,” he added.

The businessman said some “serious allegations” were made against him and his wife which were all false and created “some degree of frustration and dark moments; the staining of a reputation as a business. I would have liked to see some of these allegations that are turning out to be untrue… addressed in all fairness to us [by those who have condemned us with their utterances].”


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  1. Stellar1 said,

    Dear Friends,

    I have always judged other women, especially when they have been abused and they continued sleeping with the enemy. I judged, until it started happening to me. Christopher Ram on many occasion beat me to a pulp, the punches were not gentler, even when I was pregnant. The strange thing about abuse is that the physical marks fade, the pain eases but memories remain. At first, I justified it, maybe Chris had a bad day at work, maybe the government was after him, but he would beat me for not combing my hair or wearing the nice dress. The beatings would be extra brutal when I confronted him with his infidelity.

    I wanted to leave but then we had children, I thought maybe the courts could help us, but Chris knew every lawyer and judge, so I won’t get a fair hearing. One day I decided to leave, after the beating he told me he would stop supporting the children.

    The children took my side, and he started to beat them too since only “antimen” would support their mother.

    I was stuck, I can’t get a fair trial and he would stop supporting my children what could a mother do. Thats when I stop judging abused women. They have to think about themselves but most importantly they have to think about their children.

    After the kids got older, I filed for divorce in 2001, Chris became even more abusive. After he realized that I was serious and the blows had no effect he went after my boys. He then realized that he was the enemy in his own house and everyone was terrified of him. so he shipped us off to Florida.

    So when you see a woman in an abusive relationship, don’t judge her, help her by finding out her circumstances.

    I will now be judged, why am I enjoying the the elaborate lifestyle provided by Chris Ram, I’m still trapped. I went to the Queens Birthday Party, where the Ambassador spoke about spousal abuse, but more importantly about violence against women. Only if he knew how Chris Ram one of his prominent invitees threats his wife and children.

    I have included excerpts of my divorce filings. In my next letter I will describe the infidelity.

    Don’t Judge, Don’t say it can’t happen to you, Just help.

    I have attached excerpts of my divorce filings.


  2. Dear Editor,

    In societies where there is an organised criminal mafia, there is one standard modus operandi. Members of that society are harassed and subjected to all manner of thuggery, until they succumb to the pressure, subject themselves to the mafia, and start paying protection money to the members of that mafia. Then, they stop being harassed. In Guyana, there is no mafia, but there is an individual who practises the same methods as the mafia, but in the corporate world. I refer to no other than Guyana’s very own, Mr Know- It- All, Mr Holier- Than- Thou, Mr Belatedly- Matriculated- Attorney- at- Law, Christopher Ram. What has Mr Ram’s methodology been over the years? Using the free medium of a column space provided compliments of Stabroek News, Mr Ram has lambasted every company who is not a client of his account ing firm, accusing them of all manner of things, most of which are easily debunked, but which nobody ever has the time to bother to respond to. But, he continues to lambast the executives of companies, the managers, and anybody connected with the companies. Until when? With what aim? To what end? Well, the answers to those questions are found in the fact that he hardly ever seems to write about companies that are current cli ents of his accounting firm. And, if he does, it is not in the scathing critical terms that he writes about clients of other accounting firms. So, the implication is simple. If you are a fee- paying client of his and you pay him hefty fees, it appears that you enjoy protection from his poisonous pen. If you don’t pay him hefty fees, it appears that you will receive the brunt of his venom.

    The lesson of all of this: Mr Fip Motilall and Synergy Holdings, time to change your accounting firm. And, while you are at it, time to change your lawyers too, and recruit the recently matriculated junior counsel. Although it might be a bitter pill to succumb to corporate gangsterism, it might be the surest way to get the corporate gangster off your back, even if it costs you a penny or two, as it surely will. No wonder he had to be sued over his handling of the Hotel Tower liquidation. Yours sincerely,

    Dave Martindale

  3. Chris Jackbatty Ram
    Top Reasons why I’m a Skunt!
    10. Banishing my wife to Miami and controlling her allowance makes me a real man.
    9. Using privileged information from my former clients makes them scare me.
    8. Threatening potential clients with my fact lacking articles gets me business.
    7. I’m loyal to my criminal clients I would never bad mouth or attack them in my columns.
    6. When I was the receiver of Tower Hotel, I stole millions. Ask Cara ask Scotia.
    5. I attack the Government because, I should be running the country and not Dr. Jagdeo
    4. I would accept the position of junior junior deputy deputy deputy deputy junior junior
    assistant to the director of budget.
    3. Kicking my wife in the stomach when she is pregnant empowers me.
    2. Fucking the young girls in my office is how I manwhore sorry mentor.
    1. I’m Guyanese they can’t deport me like they did in Grenada.

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