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Alberttown businessman on rape charge

Posted in Crimes against Women,Judicial by wiig on January 21, 2011

(Originally published in Guyana’s Stabroek News on 21 January 2011)

Alberttown businessman John Singh yesterday appeared before acting Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry charged with rape.

The allegation is that between August 1 and August 31, 2010, Singh raped a female.

Singh was not required to plead to the indictable charge when it was read to him. He was admitted to bail in the sum of $150,000. The matter was transferred to Court Six for January 24.

Singh was in the news last year after he and his wife were accused of making offensive remarks to a former maid. After a stand-off, Singh eventually apologized for the remarks saying that they were not intended. (more…)


Safety of Peace Corps volunteers is a priority -Country Director

Posted in Crimes against Women by wiig on January 20, 2011

(Originally published in Guyana’s Stabroek News on 20 January 2011)

Country Director of the US Peace Corps Guyana Brannon Brewer said on Tuesday that the physical well-being and safety of the volunteers are priorities in Guyana and internationally.

The US Peace Corps constantly reviews safety measures which are in place, Brewer told Stabroek News, noting that the entire team goes to great lengths to ensure there is no violence against volunteers.

Brewer, who took up an appointment here in August last year, spoke briefly on the issue of safety with this newspaper following the report of a former Peace Corps volunteer being sexually assaulted while she was serving in this country in 2007.

Jill Hoxmeier recently told of being raped here and then being given only three counselling sessions. Hoxmeier, who was among six women who spoke with ABC News Chief Investigative Correspondent Brian Ross, said she felt abandoned by the Peace Corps. (more…)

Peace Corps volunteer tells US TV programme about being raped in Guyana

Posted in Crimes against Women by wiig on January 17, 2011

(Originally published in Guyana’s Stabroek News on 17 January 2011)

-others say felt abandoned after sexual assaults overseas

A former US Peace Corps volunteer in Guyana is one of six women who have told US television station ABC about being raped while overseas on assignment and feeling unsupported by the organization.

Jill Hoxmeier who was stationed here in 2007 was one of the women who told the ABC programme 20/20 about being raped and then being given only three counselling sessions.

Hoxmeier told ABC Chief Investigative Correspondent Brian Ross about feeling abandoned by the Peace Corps. She said it was akin to being given three counselling sessions and then being told “goodbye”. She said that she felt unable to navigate the trauma she experienced on her own and gave up on the assignment. She said there was no victim’s advocate available to her in the organization. (more…)

Woman claims self defence in stabbing of husband

Posted in Crimes against Women,Domestic Violence,Judicial by wiig on January 14, 2011

(Originally published in Guyana’s Stabroek News on 14 January 2011)

A woman charged over the stabbing of her common-law husband yesterday told a court that the incident occurred as she tried to wrestle the knife away from her drunken partner, who attacked her.

Donna Hunte, a vendor of 7 Rasville, Roxanne Burnham Gardens, was placed on $50,000 bail by acting Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry. Hunte pleaded not guilty to the charge of unlawfully and maliciously wounding Kenneth Rogers, when it was read to her at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court.

Sergeant Venetta Pindar, in presenting the police’s case to the court, said Hunte and Rogers live in the same house, but occupy separate bedrooms. Pindar said on January 9, the couple were arguing and Hunte subsequently got a knife and stabbed Rogers. Rogers was later hospitalised and Hunte was arrested and charged.

However, when given a chance to speak, Hunte told the court that Rogers regularly abused her. On the night of the attack, she said, he came home drunk and started the argument. She said that it was Rogers who brandished the knife during the argument and rushed at her. She added that she tried to wrestle the knife away from him, because, “I didn’t know what he woulda do with it.” According to her, it was during this struggle that Rogers was wounded.

After Hunte was placed on bail, the case was adjourned to January 28 for statements.

Forty-six year old man in sex offence against 12-year-old girl

Posted in Crimes against Women,Judicial by wiig on January 12, 2011

resulted from anonymous report to Human Services Ministry

(Originally published in Guyana’s Guyana Chronicle on 12 January 2011)

JUSTICE Winston Patterson and a mixed jury at the Demerara Assizes yesterday heard that the statutory rape charge against Mohan Lall, called ‘Lloydie’, resulted from an anonymous report to the Human Services Ministry. In the case before them, witness Denise Ralph, of the ministry, testified that on receipt of the report of child molestation, she visited the scene and carried out investigations. The victim and her mother told her that the report was true.

As a consequence, Ralph handed over the matter to the Juvenile section of the Criminal Investigation Department for further investigation and action.

The prosecution is alleging that the girl is a neighbour of the accused and was in the habit of visiting his home to do odd jobs.

The prosecution, led by Ms. Judith Gildharie-Mursalin, in association with Miss Konyo Sandiford, is saying that the accused had carnal knowledge of the girl between the 1st day of March, 2008, and the 30th day of November, 2008, in the county of Demerara.

Cross-examined by defence counsel, Miss Sonia Parag, witness Ralph testified that the report that reached the Human Services Ministry was anonymous, and declared that such reports are always anonymous.

The hearing continues today.

Man on bail over knife threat to woman

Posted in Crimes against Women,Judicial by wiig on January 11, 2011

(Originally published in Guyana’s Stabroek News on 11 January 2011)

A man, accused of threatening a woman with a knife after she refused to give him money, was yesterday placed on $10,000 bail.

Lawrence  Ross, of 575 West Ruimveldt, appeared before acting Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court and pleaded not guilty to the charge of threatening behaviour.

It is alleged that on January 6, Ross, while holding a weapon, threatened Francine Mitchell.

Prosecutor Stephen Telford, in stating the facts, told the court that the accused asked Mitchell for some money, which she refused him. Ross, who resides in the same building as Mitchell, got angry and ran into her apartment and threatened her with a knife. Mitchell made a report of the matter and Ross was arrested.

The magistrate placed Ross on bail and transferred the case to Court Six for today.

Battered woman blames government official’s relative for attack

Posted in Crimes against Women,Domestic Violence,Politics by wiig on January 10, 2011

(Originally published in Guyana’s Kaieteur News on 10 January 2011)

Twenty year old Stephanie Broomes is fearful for her life since she believes that the beating she received last Friday evening was prompted by her ex lover, who is a close relative of a Senior Government official.

On Friday last, at around 8:00 pm, Broomes was allegedly attacked in Dove Square, South Ruimveldt by a total stranger, who mercilessly banged upon her with what appeared to her to be a crowbar. The woman sustained severe injuries to her face and head. According to the mother of one, she was on her way home from work when she noticed a yellow Toyota 212 car driving slowly close to her.

She said that she was suspicious of the car driving so slowly, so she began walking faster. According to Broomes, a man then emerged from the car with a “long metal object”, after which she began to run.

Broomes recalled that she fell and the man came over her and began “beating away on me.” According to the victim, the man mercilessly beat her for approximately seven minutes before residents came to her rescue. (more…)

Mother pleads for return of abducted four-year-old daughter

Posted in Crimes against Women,Domestic Violence,Law Enforcement by wiig on January 10, 2011

(Originally published in Guyana’s Kaieteur News on 10 January 2011)

Ishwantie Persaud, the mother of missing four year-old Sandy Seeratten of lot 94 Logwood, Enmore East Coast Demerara, is pleading with the general public to assist in locating her daughter who she claimed was abducted by her drug addicted father two weeks ago.

Persaud related to Kaieteur News that on December 21, last, she left the child in the care of a cousin and went to work. While at work she received a telephone call informing her that Sandy’s father had abducted her.

The woman who is still in a state of shock, added that her ex-reputed husband is a drug addict who was recently released from the Camp Street penitentiary, where her served time for cocaine possession. It is for that reason that she is fearful of her child being in his custody. “He does use cocaine and when he get high he used to beat me in front of her…I am scared he do her something. The child is also fearful of him”.

The distressed woman stated that her ex-reputed husband’s abusive behaviour was one of the many reasons she decided to end their relationship. “This man used to beat me bad and one day I just decided to move in back with my mother.” (more…)

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