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Detective’s bound body pulled from septic tank

Posted in Domestic Violence,Law Enforcement by wiig on January 21, 2011

– ex-wife arrested

By Dale Andrews

(Originally published in Guyana’s Kaieteur News on 21 January 2011)

The bound body of a Detective Constable attached to the Brickdam Police Station was pulled from a septic tank at Parfait Harmonie on the West Bank of Demerara, a day after he went missing.

The remains of Igris Bobb-Blackman called David, 35, were discovered on the premises of a property he had shared with his former reputed wife, 58-year-old Desiree Jeffers, shortly after midday yesterday. The gruesome discovery was made by Blackman’s brother Ptolemy, who was part of a search team that was looking for him after he went missing. The victim’s head was badly mutilated with several chop wounds, his hands and feet were bound and the body was wrapped in a coloured carpet.

While his reputed wife has denied killing him, the dead cop’s relatives are convinced that she and several other persons are responsible for his death, since he had recently taken out a protection order against her. The couple was also engaged in the High Court for the division of a $12M property they jointly owned. (more…)


Mother pleads for return of abducted four-year-old daughter

Posted in Crimes against Women,Domestic Violence,Law Enforcement by wiig on January 10, 2011

(Originally published in Guyana’s Kaieteur News on 10 January 2011)

Ishwantie Persaud, the mother of missing four year-old Sandy Seeratten of lot 94 Logwood, Enmore East Coast Demerara, is pleading with the general public to assist in locating her daughter who she claimed was abducted by her drug addicted father two weeks ago.

Persaud related to Kaieteur News that on December 21, last, she left the child in the care of a cousin and went to work. While at work she received a telephone call informing her that Sandy’s father had abducted her.

The woman who is still in a state of shock, added that her ex-reputed husband is a drug addict who was recently released from the Camp Street penitentiary, where her served time for cocaine possession. It is for that reason that she is fearful of her child being in his custody. “He does use cocaine and when he get high he used to beat me in front of her…I am scared he do her something. The child is also fearful of him”.

The distressed woman stated that her ex-reputed husband’s abusive behaviour was one of the many reasons she decided to end their relationship. “This man used to beat me bad and one day I just decided to move in back with my mother.” (more…)

Woman takes boy, 1, into hiding after custody dispute

Posted in Crimes against Women,Law Enforcement by wiig on January 5, 2011

(Originally published in Guyana’s Stabroek News on 05 January 2011)

A woman is frantically working to prove the biological identity of a one-year-old who she says is her last child in a saga involving another relative who has also made claims to him.

Alicia Prescott, 32, told Stabroek News from a location on the East Coast Demerara (ECD) where she is hiding with one–year old Paul Tyron that she is fearful for her life, since an aunt with whom she temporarily lived in neighbouring French Guiana has said that the child belongs to her.

Prescott and other relatives retrieved the child from the aunt’s home on Sunday and say that since then they have faced frequent police harassment from ranks on the ECD. Commander of ‘C’ Division Gavin Primo, however, told Stabroek News yesterday that the police are investigating the abduction of a child. He added that his department will issue a statement on the matter at the appropriate time.

Meanwhile, this newspaper made several unsuccessful attempts yesterday to contact Prescott’s aunt and her husband. Checks at the Lot 2 Melanie Public Road, ECD address from which Prescott was issued a lawyer’s letter in December 2009 also proved futile. (more…)

Domestic violence high on Police priorities – Asst. Comm. Brummell

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Kaieteur News – April 28, 2008

Commander of the Police East Coast Demerara Division, Assistant Commissioner Leroy Brummell, says that domestic violence is very high on the list of priorities for the Police under his command. The senior Police officer was responding to queries from this newspaper about the failure to apprehend an Enmore man who eventually slit his reputed wife’s throat after years of abusing her.

According to Assistant Commissioner Brummell, a number of ranks underwent training to deal professionally with the subject, and refresher courses are constantly being undertaken.

Since killing Shaneeza Khan, last Sunday at their Grass Field, Enmore home, the suspect remains on the run despite several attempts by the Police to arrest him.

In an invited comment, Brummell told Kaieteur News that the Police did receive several reports of abuse from Khan and her mother, and action was taken on each occasion.   (more…)

Sexual offences dominate consultation with religious bodies

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Kaieteur News – April 24, 2008

While some police officers do an excellent job at assisting rape victims, there are others that do ‘very crappy’ work, says Minister of Human Services and Social Security, Priya Manickchand.

The Minister was at the time speaking with religious leaders from different organisations, who turned out in their numbers yesterday to be part of the ‘Stamp It Out’ consultation hosted at the Ethnic Relations Commission.

She says that some police officers ask victims all sorts of ‘foolish’ questions, intimidating them even as they are making their report.

The Minister says that there are deficiencies with both the police and judicial systems when it comes to dealing with issues of rape.   (more…)

Police Wives’ Association gets new office

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Kaieteur News – April 24, 2008

After more than 50 years of existence, the Police Wives’ Association has its own office. The office, which is located in the Police Officers’ Mess compound, was officially declared open by Deputy Commissioner Edward Wills and will serve to improve the work of the organization.

As the name suggests, the Police Wives’ Association is made up of the spouses of police officers and is usually headed by the wife of the serving Commissioner of Police.

It operates the Juliet Griffith Day Care Centre at Eve Leary and conducts many social activities aimed at empowering women both within and outside of the Guyana Police Force.

The Police Wives’ Association was formed in 1953 and was the brainchild of Mrs. Juliet Griffith, the wife of a former Senior Superintendent of Police.   (more…)

Domestic violence seems to have reached epidemic proportions

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Stabroek News – April 23, 2008

Dear Editor,

It’s quite frightening when one gets the impression that the death of a mother at the hands of her abusive husband is treated as “just another bit of news”.

What was telling about the media reports was that Shaneiza Khan’s eventual demise “came as no surprise”. That response says a whole lot on so many levels, but the most telling of all is the “well, wuh we gon do about that, life don hard already” mentality. Is the sanctity of life no longer precious? My deepest sympathy to the Khan family and the countless others who have suffered at the hands of their abusers.

Reports state that the police were called on several occasions, all to no avail and that seems to be the typical and not an isolated police response.

Everyone has an opinion about the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of our law enforcers when it comes to crime prevention or detection, but the fact of the matter is that the police force’s resources are stretched to capacity.   (more…)

Enmore murder suspect still at large

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Stabroek News – April 22, 2008

Police are still to locate the suspect in the murder of 22-year-old Foulis, East Coast Demerara (ECD) resident, Shaneiza Khan.

Khan was discovered dead on Sunday in the Enmore, ECD home that she once shared with her reputed husband of four years, who has not been seen since.  A post-mortem examination performed on her body yesterday found that she died as a result of her throat being slit. She was also stabbed under the breast.

Police are still hunting for her husband.

Yesterday Khan’s mother, Bibi Nazmoon Hamid told Stabroek News that documents belonging to her daughter, including her passport, were missing.   (more…)

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